NorthStar believes in creating opportunities for players to play and to experience high level soccer and coaching.  That is why we offer the NorthStar Reserve Program.  All NorthStar teams are “dual” registered, meaning that the team is registered with the State organization to be able to play in state-affiliated leagues, like Grand Valley Soccer Association (GVSA), State Cup, and Michigan State Premier Soccer Program (MSPSP).

In addition, NorthStar is a charter member (#17) of the US Club Soccer organization, and NS teams are registered with US Club Soccer, enabling us to play in US Club Soccer events, leagues, and national and local tournaments. US Club roster allows up to 25 players.

State organization rosters allow the following; For U-16 and below teams shall have no more than eighteen (18) players registered at any given time.  Teams U-17 through U-19 may have no more than twenty-two (22) players registered at any given time.


Reserve players are players identified by the head coach who would benefit and grow from the NorthStar training environment.  This offer allows identified players the opportunity to take advantage of the training/coaching and to have the ability to improve their skills in the NorthStar practice setting. In doing so, there is the possibility of playing in league and or tournament matches.  


Acceptance to the Reserve Program is by “invitation only” from a NorthStar coach and is based on the understanding that reserve players will attend all practices and are allowed to attend league matches, tournament matches, showcases, or other match events ONLY by invitation from the team’s head coach. 


Reserve players are considered part of the team and the NorthStar family and, as such, are welcome to all team functions and NorthStar Soccer Club activities, except as stipulated above. 


These players may be invited to play in a tournament or showcase should one of the rostered players be unable to attend but will have no guarantee of playing time in league play or in tournaments.  The appropriate tournament fees, as determined by the team's business manager and head coach, will be expected from the reserve player selected for tournament play/showcases.


These players will be responsible for "team fees” as outlined in the Team Plan unless other arrangements have been made by the head coach.  Upon selection and acceptance of the Reserve position, these players will be expected to pay the following (see Reserve Player Budget chart).


There are two classifications of Reserve Players:

League Roster Reserve = this is a player who is invited to be on the MSPSP, GVSA, State league roster.  This gives the player the ability to play in league matches, State Cup, and other State sanctioned events should the opportunity arise.


US Club Rostered Reserve = this is a player who is NOT rostered with the State league; however, this player can be available to play in special events and tournaments. 


The game is the greatest teacher” Reserve players CAN be dual registered with NorthStar and GVSA-TBAYS etc. They can play on a Recreational Team, a Travel-Rec team, etc. in addition to being a NorthStar Reserve. We have had many players do just that and they get the best of both opportunities! 

The Team has a guest uniform set(s), which will be handed out to those reserve players attending just prior to the event. Directly after the event, it is expected that the laundered uniforms will be returned to the head coach or designated person.


Please see your teams head coach for any further questions !